Enjoy highest cash and exclusive bonus redemption

Monthly Turnover Requirement (Slot Game) - Accumulate 100,000 effective Accumulate 500,000 effective Accumulate 1,000,000 effective
VIP Level Maintain Period - 1 month 1 month 2 month
Slots Rebate 0.40% 0.40% Highest Highest
VIP Upgrade Bonus - Yes Yes Yes
Birthday Surprise - Yes Yes Yes
Special Mystery Bonus ( Each Month 1x ) - Yes Yes Yes
Special Treat ( 2 Pax ) - Yes Yes Yes
Withdraw Limit / Timeline Normal Normal Express Highest/Express

Upgrade level condition : System automatically accumulate effective rollover on each calendar month basis to determine whether the designated effective rollover has been met, accumulate start count on every 1st day of each calendar month until the end of each respective calendar month. Example : Member who have met the turnover requirement on March (system accumulated time are from 1st March time 00:00:00 to 31st March 23:59:59 stopped accumulate) for VIP Silver status will start to enjoy VIP Silver benefits for the whole month of April.

How does this VIP programme works?
Starts from the time you register you will be invited by the system and will start with Normal VIP status.

How to qualify being a VIP and steps to reach Platinum?
Please visit our website and click here for more potential VIP information.

Is there a difference for being a VIP?
Yes, please go to VIP programme page and discover more on "Benefits as VIP" for each category level.

What is the validity for every VIP levels?
Every status on VIP programme from Normal, Silver, Gold and Platinum are valid base on the respective VIP level maintaining period.

How many levels are there for Suria22 VIP programme?
Total inclusive are 4 levels. Programme structured in a way with Normal, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Is there an annual or monthly fees to be part of the VIP programme?
No. This program was created to promote all loyal members who actively patronage Suria22 gaming experience since registered date.

Suria22 VIP programme is only provided for registered members of Suria22.COM

Suria22 Management reserves the right to change, amend, add, or invalidate any time without notice any of these terms and conditions.

VIP members participation are to follow the terms and conditions stated under the program and website. Our VIP offers are intended for recreational players only and we, Suria22, may in our sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in any matters.

Suria22 also reserves the right to check member's transaction record and login status at any time. If we find out and firmly believe any terminal user or personal group mis-use the qualification and rights, we reserve the right to cancel the qualification of VIP members without notice.

Suria22 reserves the right to interpret, change, invalidate rules of VIP members. There are no charges for this programme which was created to promote loyal members who actively patronage Suria22 gaming experience.

All Suria22 VIP members can register and participate activities only who is named by their own username strictly.

We reserve the right to judge the qualification of the members and We reserve the right to refuse any member to join our VIP programme.

Any clauses mis-use the data or other rules of VIP members will lead to cancel of qualification for members and confiscate all the point/issues that you have earned.

Suria22 reserves the final decision and sole discretion of all the programmes.
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Suria22娱乐城在2017年成立,并在亚洲扩展。 Suria22拥有从欧洲到亚洲的30多个最受欢迎的在线游戏平台内容,为会员提供超过1000种的在线游戏。我们在马来西亚除了提供最佳的在线赌场体验,更致力于维护客户安全和隐私。所有游戏皆经过认证并获得国际认可,网站使用SSL加密技术只为给您提供安全可靠的在线投注平台。除了最受欢迎的真人娱乐赌场,我们还提供体育博彩,在线吃角子老虎机。在Suria22您不仅仅可以选择自己喜欢的博彩游戏,还可以随时随地在携带式装置或电脑上享受完全安全和隐私博彩。在Suria22我们会为您提供的更多内容,并不定期的提供免费RM彩金优惠活动以满足您的所有娱乐需求,让您来我们平台就如同到了拉斯维加斯一样。

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SURIA22 , mempunyai partner Live Dealer yang paling paling terunggul di dalam market seperti Evolutiongaming ,PT dan AG , di dalam slot pula 918kiss , LIVE22 ,MICROGAMING dan yang lain lain untuk pertaruhan sukan pula partner kami MAXBET ,ataupun dikenali sebagai (IBCbet) mereka merupakan software developer bertaraf dunia , SURIA22 online slot meletakkan banyak usaha untuk membuat event seperti perlawanan slots games , untuk penyertan member kami dan focus dalam memberikan perkhidmatan khidmat pelanggan yang paling tinggi


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